Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cookie gifts

Before I start talking about giving gifts, looky what my friend Margaret gave me?!

I am covering the title of my book out of shame. My guilty pleasures are those vampire/mythological romance book... don't judge! You can find more Margaret's creations on her Etsy page. My favorite are the coasters!

Now onto the yummy Chocolate Chip Cookies! You can't really make a bad chocolate chip cookie so use whatever recipe you like. I used Tide and Thyme (dot) Com's recipe. I ran out of flour so added an extra cup of bread flour to mine. They held the shape of the scoop when the first batch was done, so in the following I used the back of the scoop to flatten them.

These are for my son's Fall Harvest Dance at his school. I assume they will be used for the cake walk. I am sure everyone is making cupcakes (which is not a bad thing, too many cupcakes? NEVER!), so I wanted to do something different. I added them to a plastic baggy and got out my cuddle bug for the first time in months!

Using my Sizzix die I cut out the top note in both patterned scrap paper and a harder card stock. The letters were punched out of black card stock. I used my favorite tool, a glue pen, to adhere the letters onto the top note. Then I stapled a folded top note onto the bag.

These would make perfect additions to your boo bags too! Let me know what you think, and do you have any guilty pleasures?
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  1. Yummy gift! Come strut your stuff at my linky party, up now.